Dyson x 3 talk at Long Now: photos, transcript, video

Boing Boing reader Jason Bobe says, "The Long Now Foundation has put their seminars online. They have already posted the recent Ray Kurzweil talk and the panel [with George Dyson, Esther Dyson, and Freeman Dyson] last night should be up soon — it was excellent."

Vlad Spears went, too, and exclaims, "My brain is filled with science! I've posted a write-up on 2Sec of the evening: Link."

Jake Appelbaum also attended the event, and shot photos including the one shown here. L-R: George, Freeman, Esther Dyson; Stewart Brand.

Next up on the Long Now event calendar: a talk by Clay Shirky on Monday, November 14 — "Making Digital Durable: What Time Does to Categories." Link.

In SF, 3 Dysons – Freeman , Esther, George – speak Wed 5 Oct.