Dance Dance Revolution as free software/free culture

Nynex sez, "Stepmania is a free, open source Dance Dance Revolution lookalike for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Two dance pads plus a USB controller are about $30 (shipping included) on eBay and they work great with Stepmania… even on my Mac. Fans repackage all the official DDR songs as Stepmania files, so you can find these on your favorite p2p searcher (say, Limewire) with a search for "stepmania". Or use Dancing Monkeys, a student project that takes any mp3 and turns it into a Stepmania file, complete with appropriate dance steps (Windows only, unless you have Matlab). Another fun feature: you can run random .AVI movies in the background while you're playing…very surreal. What we need is somebody to make a free and legal dance-pack using Creative Commons dance tracks, Dancing Monkeys, and video from– any takers?"


(Thanks, Nynex!)