LED flashlight kit

From aaron Dunlap, the same fine fellow who sells the 9V USB charger-in-an-Altoids-tin kit, here the mini LED flashlight kit. Just $8.50.

200512071334It's lit by a single LED that's unbelievably bright. My initial design called for 3 LEDs (the kind you can get from Radio Shack) in a series (at a painful $3 per LED), but from my parts supplier I found this industrial-grade LED that can get the same amount of lumines from just the one. LEDs are great for flashlights because they don't burn out for something like 1000 years, and they require a very small voltage current so you won't have to replace the batteries for a loooong time.

For people daunted by all the fidgety work involved in the USB kits, this LED flashlight project should be just the ticket. I just put one of these together in 5 minutes.