Merry Christmashup! MP3 of remixed holiday tunes

Boing Boing reader Dane Johnson says,

"Some Assembly Required" is a radio show on 770 AM radio K in Minneapolis, MN. It's about mashups and sound collage — Jon Nelson, who does the show, made a great 50- minute X-Mas Mix. Take a listen!


DJ John – "The Christmas massacre of Charlie Brown" * John Oswald – "White" * Corporal Blossom – "The Christmas song (chestnuts)" * Corporal Blossom – "Little drummer boy" * Escape Mechanism – "Elf song" * Dummy Run – "Jolly holiday" * The Evolution Control Committee – "The Christmas wrong" * No-L – "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" * Cassetteboy – "XFM Christmas cut up" * Diffusion – "dnbchristmas" * Lovecraft Technologies – "Frosty the snowman" * Poj Masta – "Santar Klaws" * Mr. Fab and The RIAA – "Santa's acid hawaiian space disco" * Corporal Blossom – "White Christmas"


Reader comment: K7AAY says,

The formalities of the season must be observed, and one of them is the Original MashUp, brought to us by The First Blogger, the esteemed Dr. Jerry Pournelle: Link. One might wish to go back to the original source, however, and short of a trip to Fort Mudge in the depths of the Okeefenokee, this site may be a viable reference for serious scholars wishing alternative references.

Update: Jon Nelson of "Some Assembly Required" says:

Hi! I received word that someone posted to boingboing about my SAR Xmas Mix – a special christmas mix of sound collages I posted to my radio show's podcast. I guess it was too popular though, because the server crashed! We've got it back up now, at a new server – I'd love it if the original post were amended to let your readers know where they can find the mix, on its new server: MP3 Link