DIY self-RFID-chipping HOWTO, Wed. Jan 4 at Dorkbot in NYC

Mikey Sklar installed a $2 RFID tag in his left hand. Why the hell did he do it? How can you cram an RFID under your own skin for fun and profit? How ever does one choose the right tag to subcutaneously implant, and what other crazy hacking hijinks are others exploring with RFIDS?

Show up at the next New York City Dorkbot meeting — next Wednesday, January 4th at Location One gallery in SoHo, 7pm — and find out.
Link to event info, Link to "Chipped," the project website for Mikey's RFID implant project.

Reader comment: Shannon says,

This appears to be a precursor of Mikey Sklar's project.

Reader comment: Nick says,

Suprised you've had this article up without someone mentioning Captain Cyborg himself, Kevin Warwick. This is a link to the details of one of his experiments with surgically implanted transponders, from 2002 (there was an earlier 1999 experiment as well).

Reader comment: Eliot Phillips from says,

Mikey sent me this link the last time he had a project at Dorkbot: replacing the pockets in his pants with conductive fabric to block RFID. A nice cozy place to keep your newly insecure hands.

Reader comment: Lia says,

My grad school classmate Meghan Trainor's thesis With Hidden Numbers had her embedding a rfid tag in her arm as well as in a bunch of handmade objects to trigger samples from an audio database when scanned. ITP's site is down right now but you can read more about it on her thesis blog or We Make Money Not Art.

Reader comment: Shawn says,

Human implantable RFID tags are already in commercial use (approved by FDA and all that): Link.

I stumbled across it when looking for some RFID stuff for a house I'm building.

Reader comment: Jonny Goldstein says,

In this interview, Mikey describes the process of getting getting an RFID tag implanted into his hand. Link