Apple's TV ad's are a rip-off of Postal Service video (no, not really)

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Watch the side-by-side video of this Apple commercial and a Postal Service video and marvel at how similar they are. Just co-incidence? Link (thanks, Ben!)

Reader comment: Alan Henry says:
"Leander Kahney, Mac fanatic and author of Cult of Mac and Cult of iPod, has been tracking this issue over at his blog, Cult of Mac for a few days now. He's uncovered a lot of interesting information (regardless of the annoying comments) and he's posted on the topic several times. He also plans to update with some more official information in the coming days! Just thought it might be worth letting you know!

"The links to Leander's posts (from oldest to newest) are here, starting on Wednesday Jan 11th, then Friday Jan 13th." Link, Link, Link

Reader comment: Leander Kahney reports that both the ad and the video used the same director. However, it seems that the Postal Service's label had no idea that the directors made a commercial based on the video:

Sarah Moody of Sub Pop Records, The Postal Service's Seattle record company, writes: "… the Apple commercial is indeed very similar, it wasn't licensed in any form, and was made by the same directors as the Postal Service video. We weren't alerted to the fact that it existed until the day it came out."