Al Jazeera releases video of kidnapped reporter Jill Carroll

The Arab television network Al Jazeera has aired a new video purported to show abducted freelance reporter Jill Carroll "in a state of distress." CNN's account here. Screengrab from video at left.

Yesterday, Carroll's pal and former colleague Natasha Tynes blogged this update on renewed calls throughout the Muslim world for her release: Link, and more from Natasha on today's news here.

Jeff Tynes adds,

Apparently this tape had a time/date stamp with the 28th of Jan., but the group is still requesting the release of female Iraqi detainees. Five of nine were released on Friday the 27th. So we're not sure what to make of that. Apparently in this new clip Jill is wearing a veil and weeping. It is very distressing news.

The Christian Science Monitor, the publication for which Carroll was reporting at the time of her abduction, has released a statement here:

Anyone with a heart will feel distressed that an innocent woman like Jill Carroll would be treated in the manner shown in the latest video aired by Al Jazeera. We add our voice to those of Arabs around the world, and expecially to those in Iraq, who have condemned this act of kidnapping. We ask that she be returned to the protection of her family immediately

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