Trauma Pill: PTSD-prevention meds, or best band name ever?

This UPI item quotes Canadian researchers who claim that a “trauma pill” could block memories of painful experiences for combat vets and survivors of accidents or violent events. Snip, via physorg:

Most memories decay naturally, but people under extreme stress pump an abnormal amount of stress hormones during the event — so the memories are stored differently, said Dr. Alain Brunet, professor of psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal.

“If you have (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) your memory is so fresh it’s as if the event is happening now,” he said. “For a person to have that vivid flashback certain hormones are released by the brain. If you can block these, the memory is weakened or even removed completely.”

Brunet and colleagues had 20 people suffering from PTSD recall their experiences as vividly as possible in therapy sessions, after being given doses of propranolol — a beta-blocker used to treat high blood pressure, angina and abnormal heart rhythms. Preliminary findings indicate the PTSD sufferers experienced fewer flashbacks and less severe symptoms after taking the drug.

IANACR (I am not a Canadian researcher), but it sorta sounds like a lot of hooey to me. Still, it's awesome-sounding hooey, and that's what counts around here. Besides, if the whole "healing people" thing doesn't work out for these biomed guys, they can at least license the name out to four kids in Brooklyn with synthesizers and emo haircuts. Good times.

Link to post on Warren Ellis' blog.