News video clips reveal Bush dynasty connections to United Arab Emirates

WNY Media Network has a recent news video clip compilation that reveals the close connections between the Bush family and the United Arab Emirates. No wonder Bush is turning a deaf ear to the concerns expressed by Democrats and Repulicans.

President Bush's family and members of the Bush administration have long-standing business connections with the UAE… Bush defying his very own party leadership and his party in defending the Dubai port deal… The oil-rich United Arab Emirates is a major investor in The Carlyle Group, the private equity investment group where the President's father once served as senior advisor, and is a who's who of former high level government officials… Just last year, Dubai International Capital, a government buyout firm, invested in an 8 billion dollar Carlyle fund. Another family connection, the president's brother, Neil Bush, has reportedly received funding for his education software company from UAE investors. Then there is the cabinet connection: Treasury Secretary John Snow was chairman of railroad company CSX. After he left the company for the White House, CSX sold its international operations to Dubai Ports World for more than a billion dollars.

Link (More about The Carlyle Group here)