Girl to Ghost: hologram of model in fashion runway show

The Reverse Cowgirl says:

For the finale of Alexander McQueen's runway show last week, Kate Moss appeared as a hologram:

"Inside an empty glass pyramid, a mysterious puff of white smoke appeared from nowhere and spun in midair, slowly resolving itself into the moving, twisting shape of a woman enveloped in the billowing folds of a white dress. It was Kate Moss, her blonde hair and pale arms trailing in a dream-like apparition of fragility and beauty that danced for a few seconds, then shrank and dematerialized into the ether."

See also: the Girl to Gorilla ghost trick.

Watch the video


Reader comment: Brandon says,

It wasn't just the gorilla/girl thing that's used Pepper's Ghost. The Gorillaz did too, in their most recent live performances. Video link. Story link.