Visualize taxes: a graphic chart of US tax spending

mibi, the artist who made this chart (with tech contributions from a number of collaborators) explains,

After a year in the making… researching, number crunching, layouts, stock gathering, and lots of procrastinating, i am proud to say it is finally done… Death and Taxes: A visual look at where your tax dollars go. Most people are unaware of how much of their taxes fund our military, and those aware are often misinformed. Well here it is. Laid out, easy to read and compare. With data straight from the White House. I hope this makes people think and ask questions. Why do we spend more on jets than we do on public housing? Why is the Endowment for the Arts so small? Whats with all this foreign military financing?

 I'm sure you can come up with numerous questions of your own. Unfortunately, I dont have any answers. Our leaders do. Your president, his cabinet and your congress person have these answers. Ask them for the answers or better yet, demand them.

Link to "Death and Taxes" project page, with 3500 x 2333 (1.8 MG) jpeg download. A larger version is also offered, at 9000 x 6000 and 5.8 megs. The artist is producing prints for sale from the 12,000 x 8000 @ 400 DPI reso original. (Thanks, Dmitri)

Reader comment:

Nathan Rudy says,

There's one major flaw with the Death and Taxes chart your pointed to
today: the two main funding circles are the Department of Defense and the Congress. The two are not co-equal. Just about everything funded by Congress except the federal courts and the Congress itself are funded through allocation to the Administration, including the funding for the Department of Defense. This chart implies that the DoD is one branch of government and the Congress is the other, with the Congress running all non-military programs. That is simply not the case.

The central red white and blue flag should be the Congress, and then you can break down funding by military and non-military. But the way this chart is present significantly mis-states the way our government runs.