How to reach NoKo musical director who pawned kidney

Over at NPR's new "Mixed Signals" blog, host JJ Sutherland updates the story of Yodok Story director Jung Sungsan. Sungsan's musical recently opened in Seoul, and tells the tale of his imprisonment in a North Korean gulag. JJ explains:

Many people have posted or written in asking how they can give money [to Sungsan, who] put up a kidney as collateral for a loan to finance the show. (Here's the full story.)

NPR's Louisa Lim found the contact info. The person to email is Binna Choi (binna77 at You can reach Jung Sungsan directly (mrjung1117 at, but he speaks no English so any messages in English should be sent to Binna.

Me, I'm kind of skeptical about the kidney-hock part of this story, but Sungsan claims what he claims. What do I know about North Korean gulag musicals? Besides, stranger things have been pawned for showbiz, here or in Seoul. Link