Ten-Year-Old Robot Punk Rock prodigy

Boing Boing reader Jesse says,

My 10-year-old brother Brendan (now known as "Eddy Demon") is the frontman, lead guitarist, and principal songwriter for a punk rock band called "Total Annihilation." One of his best lyrics (in my book) is:

"You say cool, I say hot! / Together we made a robot!"

Anyway, they just released an EP, which features some originals (like "Rock and Roll on a Friday"), and some covers (like Iggy Pop's "I Wanna Be Your Dog"). They even have a creation myth:

Long ago there lived a demon by the name of Rock.Rock was inventing a plan to take over the world.After 2,000 years he had finally invented a plan.Rock created a style of music which he called Rock'N'Roll.The only thing Rock needed now was minnios to help him complete his plan to take over the world.

Link. The robot kid sounds kick-ass.