Mini-Sensors for "Military Omniscience"

Defensetech's Noah Shachtman says,

Spotting insurgents, sorting out friend from foe — it's beyond tough in today's guerilla war zones. So tough, that no single monitor can be counted on to handle the job. The Pentagon's answer: build a set of palm-sized, networked sensors that can be scattered around, and work together to "detect, classify, localize, and track dismounted combatants under foliage and in urban environments." It's part of a larger Defense Department effort to establish "military omniscience" — and "ubiquitous monitoring."

Link to blog post with photos.

Reader comment:
Josh Winters says,

In the realm of 'Sci-Fi is now,' check out Patrick Farley's 'Spiders' online comic about an alternate war in an alternate Afghanistan: Link.

Mini-sensors that network in realtime to provide military omniscience? How . . . novel.