Byrne/Eno "Bush of Ghosts" tracks re-released under CC

David Byrne and Brian Eno's masterpiece My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (1981) has been remastered, and two of the songs are now being distributed as multitracks under a Creative Commons license for your remixing pleasure. Snip from website:

This is the first time complete and total access to original tracks with remix and sampling possibilities have been officially offered on line. In keeping with the spirit of the original album, Brian and David are offering for download all the multitracks on two of the songs. Through signing up to the user license, and in line with Creative Commons licenses, you are free to edit, remix, sample and mutilate these tracks however you like. Add them to your own song or create a new one. Visitors are welcome to post their mixes or songs that incorporate these audio files on the site for others to hear and rate.

This is one of my favorite records of all time. This is so freakin' cool. Link (Thanks, jason b)

Reader comment: Andrew Tonkin says,

Yes, that's very good news about the Byrne & Eno reissue & multitracks. One disappointing note – the haunting, original vinyl track "Qu'ran" is still nowhere to be seen. IIRC it was offensive to Muslims, was yanked from the vinyl and never made it to the original CD. Perhaps some vinyl-enabled BB'er might digitize and post this rarity, to the delight of the album's fans?

Reader comment: SoftwareDave says,

Qu'ran is on my copy of the CD (and of course the original vinyl…) – I'm listening to it right now. Maybe it's coz I'm in the UK.

Reader comment: E.W. Brenner says,

here is a link of interest to people who are fond of the song "Qu'uran."