Ear Cleaning Manga

I promise this will be the last earwax-related post for at least another hour. Here's a Japanese comic book story about an earwax cleaning shop. It's a BitTorrent download.

Yamamoto mimikaki-ten

(Yamamoto mimikaki-ten / 山本耳かき店)

Story & Art: Yarô ABE / 阿部夜郎
First Published In: Big Comic Original #2004-07 (Shôgakukan)
Genre: Drama
Download: Torrent
In this manga short story written and drawn by Yarô Abe the reader is introduced to Toru Koeda, a seventh grader who is going through the trying times of puberty and finds release in a bamboo ear cleaner. Although Abe’s art might at first seem simplistic, it enhannces the characters’ personalities and allows the readers to easily identify with them during the short read.