Tshirt of "blog gang hand-sign" rips off blogger?

Oh no you did'n', Threadless! Sean Bonner says,

This is some bullshit! On September 23, 2005 I blogged the blog gangsign that I made up. Lots of people linked to it and bloggers everywhere started frontin'. At the beginning of March this year I showed it off again at etech. Later that month some toilet paper dude totally bit it with no link love, as if it was his idea. And now some loser made a t-shirt out of it and is probably making mad loot off of my idea. WTF? Did they give me any credit? No. Any giant royalty checks? Hell no. I can just see those chumps now, probably rolling in their brand new Bentley laughing it up. That shit is WHACK! They think they can get away with this but they can't. I have NWA on vinyl for crying out loud. Shit's about to get all kinds of sketchy. Someone needs to step the fuck off and quick like.

Link to shirt, Link to Sean's post, Link to gominosensei's post. PS: Sean's not really mad, the shirts are cool, and I just bought one. (thanks, Sean Bonner)

Reader comment: Jim says, dude,

That blog hand sign is a rip off of the Bloods hand sign. The blogger who "made up" the blog hand sign is really just turning the "d" in the bloods hand sign upside down. Jpeg link.

Reader comment: Sean says, bitches,

I made up the bloods handsign as well, see US Civil case Bonner v. Bloods and you'll see that I was able to prove in court that I created the Bloods gangsign back in 1981 almost 12 years before The Bloods were formed in 1993 and I make a $0.05 royalty everytime anyone flashes it.