Midget Motors — maker of the King Midget automobile

I was flipping through an April 1960 issue of Popular Science and came across this tiny ad (Click on thumbnail above for enlargement) for the "new" King Midget, billed as the "World's Lowest Priced Car."

A quick Google search revealed the International King Midget Car Club, Inc. which has a nice history of this cute/ugly little vehicle.

Midget Motors Corporation was started in 1946 by a couple of WWII civil air patrol pilot buddies. They sold the King Midget as a single passenger kit. The engine was not included, but you could install any one-cylinder engine you wanted into the car. Later, you could buy the King Midget fully assembled, with a rip-roaring 6-horsepower engine in it. It came in one color: "California Cream."

Among all automobiles ever manufactured, throughout the world, King Midget holds one untouchable record. King Midget was the only small car continuously manufactured for nearly a quarter of a century; from 1946 until operations ceased in 1970. In addition, Midget Motors Corporation was the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the United States for a number of years.

Supposedly, the Midget is back, or will be soon, with a 72-Volt electric kit on the way, and gas and diesel versions to follow. Link

Reader comment: Joey says: "Just wanted to add that the King Midget Jamboree, an annual event, will be held Aug. 10-13 in Athens, Ohio. More info will be available on the King Midget Car Club website as the date gets nearer.