Hey boys and girls, let's play "cornhole"!

5000 says,

It must be a midwestern thing, but after getting an eVite to an event promising "cornhole for the kids" a friend and I did some research and discovered there's a whole culture of Cornhole, a game of throwing bean bags through a hole in a plywood board. Wikipedia's got an entry on it. But more squirmily fantastic is the language on the Corn Hole fan site CornholePlayers.net:

"You've found your new home for Cornhole on the web! CornholePlayers.net is devoted to becoming your source for everything "Cornhole." There is plenty of great information about Cornhole on the web, but this is the one site that puts it all in one place for you!"

At last, free cornhole on the net! I never thought I'd see the day!

Double-anal-entendres aside, the site has a cool "how to make your own cornhole game board" gallery. There are many cornhole enthusiasts who like to party, cornhole-style. Why, here's the American Cornhole Association.

Reader comment: Lewis Riley says,

Cornhole is very, very big in Ohio. Here's a link to Carson Palmer's (quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals) cornhole tournament for charity.

Justin says,

here's a couple of places to play cornhole online. NabiscoWorld (linked) has a multiplayer function once you get past the nag screen. Christian Moerlein Brewery also has one here: Link

Alex Macentire says,

Now that I live in Ohio (I'm origionally from Missouri) I'm aware of the "cornhole" craze and I'll be honest every time i hear it I still think of the scene in "Office Space" when Lawrence tells Peter to "Watch your cornhole, buddy".

But there's all sorts of these little "professional" sports popping up. It seems like every game out there now has a professional organization. Link to the website of the National Association of Staredwon Professionals. Link to the home of the rock paper scissors international championships. Link to England's official tug of war site.

Brian says,

Apparently, cornhole is not limited to the mid-west. This site has some local North Carolina cornhole members and some really nice custom cornhole games sets. Pictures are here: Link.

PJ Rhymeswithsausage says,

reader Alex Macentire listed www.rpschamps.com as the home of the rock paper scissors international championships. Actually, the correct link to the governing body of Rock Paper Scissors events worldwide is www.worldrps.com. The International Championships will be held on November 11, 2006, in Toronto. There's still time for your readers to register…

Anonymous says,

The second ever Louisville Cornhole Cup will take place this September. No dates posted on the web site yet, but it ought to be a big one. I spoke with event-organizers and there will be a large cash prize this year. Anyway, it's near me, so I thought I'd post. Link. There has been a surge of interest in this activity in the midwest since about 2000 … probably because you can be 5 or 105 years old and because you have one hand free (to hold your drink).

Mat Leonard says,

I'm from Kansas, in the heart of the midwest, yet I have only witnessed one case of "cornholing." In these parts, people play washers. The point of the game is to throw metal disks with holes in the middle (washers) into a hole in the ground or in a plywood plank. Sort of like cornholing without the corn. Just holing. Link