Video, MP3: More Raumpatrouille kitschtastic '66 German sfTV

Following an earlier BoingBoing post with clips from the 1966 German TV space-opera "Raumpatrouille" (Space Patrol) — well, here are more clips. The show pre-dates Star Trek, and this quick B/W intro excerpt includes deliciously low-tech special effects: clothes irons, shower heads, and dissolving aspirin tablets create the illusion of spaceships gone wild, and planets in distress. Here's the same intro in color, sans English subtitles. Here's another clip in which the ship's commander is strongarmed against better judgement into admitting a science fiction author on board — and another clip, "Never Trust a Robot." Here's a bunch more clips. Here's the show's IMDB listing. This fan-site for the show states:

The adventures of the Starship Orion were the first- and to date, only space opera project on German TV. There have apparently been several proposals to revive, continue or sequelize the series in the years since the series aired; all of these, sadly, have fallen through, but hope springs eternal. The last try were made by Roland Emmerich in 1996, but was dropped a year later.

This is so awesome. I grew up the child of a trekkie, and have a genetically-ingrained fondness for scifi teevee of this era — but I'd never heard of "Raumpatroille" before this week.

Update: Slip on your go-go boots and grab your laser gun, here's the highly fruggable "Raumpatrouille" theme song! Link to 2.8MB MP3. Coop sez, "The composer, Peter Thomas, did a lot of cool soundtracks for 60s & 70 Euro films." (thanks, Coop!)

Reader comment: Nate says,

If you're so inclined, there's a link to PDF instructions on how to make a paper model of the ship featured in Raumpatrouille.

Kris says,

After watching this, I was reminded of the early days of Doctor Who. The early days of William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton shared the same production values, set design, and lower budgets, but they made up for it with a lot of imaginative writing, and the depth of a character that in my opinion you just dont see much anymore.
Raumpatrouille doesnt appear to be any different. I've seen enought to know I want to see a lot more.

The producers of what passes for Science Fiction today would do well to revisit these shows and remind themselves what really good stories
are capable of.

Robert Pugsley says,

And don't forget that Bolero on the Moon Rocks from the very same show was sampled by Pulp for This is Hardcore – fantastic soundtrack.

Michael says,

Here's a 3D model of the Raumpatrouille Orion ship.

Hans says,

I remember that show! It was way cool! The problem was it came on too late at night. Most kids were in bed when it aired.

Christophe says,

It's so awesome that you found out about Raumpatrouille!! In fact, i am from Germany, and i've never tought that anybody outside this country would ever get to know this tv-show! (not even many people here know it exists) I dont know what else you know about, but its cool that you like it! You know that there are only 7 episodes do you? Is there even a english-dubbed version? Or one with subtitles?

The Cartoonist says,

More about Emmerich's Raumpatrouille remake can be found here: Link. And more 3D models of the Orion, the robots and the FROG ships can be found here: Link.

Baron Dave Romm says,

I've had the CD, Science Fiction Movie Themes, for years. All the cuts are from familiar sources, adequately covered as disco instrumentals, but four cuts were unknown. My favorite cut on the CD is Raumpatrouille Orion; bouncy electronic. The following cut is also by Peter Thomas, Cosmic Wind; a slow theramin samba. Maybe it's because I hadn't heard them before, or maybe German sf is conducive to disco, but the unknown songs have held up the best over the years. Thank you for pointing out their origins. Link