Poorly thought-out label: Hershey's (non) chocolate milk

Hershey's Non Chocolate Milk I was walking down Van Nuys boulevard with my daughter, enjoying the 103 degree weather over the weekend, when she demanded milk. We went into a Burger King and I ordered a milk. When the employee handed me this bottle (click image for enlargement), I told her I didn't want chocolate milk. She said it wasn't chocolate milk. I had to look at the ingredients to make sure.

Three questions come to mind. 1) Why is Hershey's in the business of selling regular milk? 2) And why would it insist on making the label look chocolately? — it would be like Lipton selling a bottle of water with pictures of tea leaves and a lemon on it. 3) And why Hershey's they make the label opaque so you can't tell at a glance if the milk is flavored or not?

This label is a cognitive disaster. Imagine how upset the people are who buy this expecting chocolate milk and then take a swig of unflavored bovine mammary gland product.

(BK's crowns are fun, though. You've got to read the text printed on them sometime.)

Reader comment: John Binns says

All of your other objections to the Hershey packaging
were valid. But modern milk containers are opaque to
preserve taste and vitamins