Machine Project events this weekend in Los Angeles

Machine says:

We're doing two events with Make Magazine this weekend, a launch party on Saturday for the Backyard Biology issue, and a USB hacking workshop on Sunday. We hope to see you there.

Make Magazine Issue #7 (Backyard Biology) Launch Party

Saturday August 12, 8pm

Machine Project

1200 D North Alvarado Street, Los Angeles

Lately when we tell people about the classes at Machine Project, they say, "Oh, like Make Magazine". So we've decided to embrace the confusion and host a launch party for the new issue of Make. Jed Berk will be there to talk about autonomous flocking behaviour in robotic blimps, Make editor Mark Frauenfelder will be there to introduce the new issue and chat with you about general makery, and Issue 7 (Back Yard Biology) will be there for you to peruse and purchase, which includes an article on making a home mushroom growing lab by our friend Phil Ross. Link

USB power supply hacking 101 – Sunday August 13th 1pm – 4pm

Speaking of classes, Sunday we will be leading a workshop on USB power supply hacking. Based on two articles in the new issue of Make by Erica Sadun, we will go over how USB power works, how to make a USB powered fan (or other small device), and how to make a 9v battery powered usb charger. Then we'll plug the USB fan into the USB charger and your head will explode. Along the way we'll explore some basic laws of electricity and learn how to solder. All materials and a copy of the new issue of Make Magazine #7 included. $75.

We expect this class will fill rapidly. If there is sufficient demand we will offer another session in the morning from 9-12. Registration and more information link.