Fun with ticks and flesh-eating fish in C. America

Paul says:

Picture 6-4


Wendy and I went to Belize and Guatemala for our honeymoon and had a wonderful time, but we got bitten by bugs aplenty and went through almost half a tube of Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream. Before taking a shower one eve, I felt something foreign on my posterior nether regions– I thought it was a flap of skin or perhaps, um, a "Klingon," until I pinched it off and saw that it was a large flat tick with a chunk of my pale butt-skin still visible in its mouth parts. Here's a photo I took of the tick, after it had released the chunk of skin.

A couple days later Wendy found a similar tick on her leg. Speaking of flesh-eating, we also visited Lake Petén Itzá about a week after I'd suffered a bad sunburn. My skin was peeling, and I found that the tiny fish in the lake loved eating the pieces of skin that were rolling generously off of my back at the time. Here's a pic of me feeding the fish. They crowded and jumped for every morsel.