Airport officials seize dangerous Shakespeare research

A Vermont professor had 12 years of Shakespeare research confiscated at Heathrow.

Brad Searles says:

An article describing the experience of a Vermont-based St. Michael's College professor Nick Clary as he tried to return home from London on the day the new restrictions were enacted. Officials confiscated thousands of pages of his research on Shakespeare, which was contained on three thumb-sized flash drives.

The English professor was halted at one of the many security checkpoints. An airport official looked suspiciously at the three rectangular flash drives Clary had emptied from his pockets and placed in a plastic bin.

"No, you can't have them," the British Airways official told Clary. The uniformed woman nodded toward a large garbage bag, where banned items were being thrown out by the dozens.

After a few tense moments, Clary persuaded officials not to discard his research. Instead, the tiny files were placed inside Clary's eyeglass case, which were then put into a clear plastic bag and ticketed with a baggage claim check bound for Baltimore.