Talking to Americans: hilarious Canadian TV show about USA

Someone's uploaded a segmented version of Rick Mercer's CBC special, Talking to Americans. Talking to Americans was a segment on the uproariously funny "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" CBC news/commentary show, in which Rick Mercer would go to the USA and ask Americans whether they believed that Russia should given the Chechens in Saskatechwan their freedom, or for help defending our national igloo, or for congratulations on legalizing insulin. This show is a national institution, but it has never been aggressively marketed to Americans. You'd be hard pressed to get a funnier outside look into the USA.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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Update: Kenneth sez, "If you are talking Rick Mercer, you can't leave out the video where he got author Pierre Berton to demonstrate rolling a joint!"

Update 2: Mark sez, "For more current Rick Mercer material go to the official website for his current fake news program the 'Rick Mercer Report,' or Rick's blog (check out the 'Photo challenge' results)."