FLURB: Rudy Rucker's new literary zine

Great news! One of my all time favorite writers, Rudy Rucker, has launched a new web zine, called FLURB.

My present strategy is simply to post a few stories by myself and my friends. I have some good stories for Issue #1, with possibly a few more coming in. You might think of this as the Cyberpunk issue.

We'll see where it leads. I still have a backlog of writer friends to hit on, so, at least for now, rather than sending me stories that you'd like me to post for you — do it yourself!

The line up for the first issue looks wonderful:

Rudy Rucker and Paul Di Filippo,

"Elves of the Subdimensions"

Richard Kadrey,

"Liner Notes for Luchenko's Third Symphony
(The Arcades of Allah)"

Marc Laidlaw,

"Evaluation of the Hannemouth Bequest
(A.k.a. Hannemouth Self-Configurable Combinatorial Array)"

John Shirley,


Terry Bisson,

"Billy and the Circus Girl "