Political NASCAR: What if pols had to wear $$ on their sleeves?

Snip from GOOD Magazine:

"In the 2006 midterms, Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Rick Santorum (R-PA), both running for re-election, have raised the most money of any candidate in their respective parties. Here are the NASCAR-style uniforms they would wear if companies were proud of their political donations, and if running for senate required a flame-retardant suit." Link.

Morgan from GOOD says the magazine's inaugural issue, in which this piece appears, also includes "Pictures from the Border Film Project and New Yorker writer James Surowiecki on America's place in the world [and] profiles of Jimmy Wales, Amanda Congdon, and Peter Diamandis of the X-Prize, among others. Most importantly, when you subscribe to the magazine, we give your entire $20 subscription fee to one of our 12 partner organizations, one of which is Creative Commons."

Reader comment:

Steven Luscher says,

Arrrgh!!! GOOD Magazine Subscriptions are not available in Canada! I just had to get my frustration out on this one: GOOD looks like a magazine right up my alley, but they don't offer subscriptions outside the US. Plegh…

Zach from GOOD says,

You *can* subscribe in Canada! It's a new offering for us which is why it isn't yet enabled on our site. For now, e-mail info(at)goodmagazine.com to get a subscription in Canada. Also, come to our launch parties! There's one in New York and one in Los Angeles. For $20 you get a year's worth of GOOD, a donation to one of our non-profit partners and free drinks all night. More here.

Kevin Deiboldt says,

Good Magazine seems great, but it made me remember the first time I heard the concept/joke for a political Nascar-style suit: Barry Levinson. (It was a few years ago, when he was giving a talkback about "Wag the Dog".)

In fact, in his upcoming film, "Man of the Year", Robin Williams character uses it again. (Here's the trailer with the joke in it.)

Micah Sifry says,

Great find, but the idea has deep and fun roots. My friend and
sometime co-author Nancy Watzman wrote up the idea for the Christian
Science Monitor
back in 1996
— "If
Politicians, Like Athletes, Wore Logos

And we got the Nation to do a fully realized cartoon of Gore and Bush
in Nascar suits back in the summer of 2000. Alas, they don't appear to
have that image in their online archive.

Comedian Bill Maher wore such a suit, festooned with corporate logos,
at his appearance at Arianna Huffington's Shadow Convention, alongside
the 2000 Democratic convention in L.A. He looked quite snazzy in it.