Beheaded dolls from history

Artists Garith Pettibone and Shiva Rodriguez (photo right), er, hack dolls into representations of various historical figures who were beheaded or died other gruesome ways. They've made more than a dozen of the figures, including Anne Boleyn, Brunhilde, Francoise-Thérèse de Choiseul-Stainville, Gaius Julius Ceasar, Marie Antoinette (seen here), and many more.

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From the HeadlessHistoricals "About Us" page:

Using forensic photographs, written historical accounts, and techniques used for creating horror effects in film, special attention is given to the details of the injuries sustained during the final moments of each character's life. All of the eyes are glazed over to produce the lack-luster stare of the dead. Torn flesh and deep gashes are shown in all their gory details and for decapitations the severed muscle tissue and bone is visible in the wound…

These dolls were designed and created by a couple of artists who share a love for history and for horror, two things that often share the same stage in textbooks and films but are rarely seen together in commemorative dolls.

Link (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)