Radar interview with John Hodgman

Radar interviews the wonderful John Hodgman.

Radar: And then there's The Daily Show. Talk about a sweet gig.

JH: It is so incredibly unexpected and providential as to be frightening to even discuss with you now.

Radar: Is Jon Stewart as Waspy in person as he appears on television?

JH: I'm not going to get into ethnic phrenology with you. He's a very handsome man who is of average height.

Radar: With all of this appearing in front of the camera, one could conclude you harbor a desire to act. Do you?

JH: I am not an actor, but I am not averse to the idea of being a personality. For me the best example is George Plimpton, who chased after every adventure with very little prejudice, always with an open mind and often with a funny accent. I am on top of a roller coaster that I never expected to be on. I don't know what's going to happen when the roller coaster goes down. My guess is I will fly out and I will hit a pole.