Wedding cake inspired by Discworld's Great A'Tuin

A talented cake-ist made this beautiful wedding cake in the form of the Great A'Tuin, the galactic turtle on whose back the four elephants that support Terry Pratchett's Discworld stand. The cake A'Tuin has marzipan elephants that support a rolled fondant icing Discworld with hand-painted landmasses and miniature cities.

The Discworld books are the most consistently funny genre fiction in the world, combining a wit as keen as Douglas Adams's with a fine sense of plotting and characterization.

The Disc landmasses are cut from rolled fondant icing, with topographical features moulded in marzipan. These are positioned on a round cake board.
Landmasses are coloured, and the seas are added by "flooding" the low areas with blue liquid icing to produce the appropriate continent shapes. At the edge, a black marzipan bevel collar is attached so that the liquid icing produces the Rimfall effect.


(Thanks, Diane!)