Wireless phone ladies of Bangladesh, revisited

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize was today awarded today to Muhammad Yunus, a microcredit pioneer who founded Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. He loaned very small amounts of money to destitute women there, and helped them become entrepreneurs. Some women bought mobile phones and provided phone service on that shared phone in remote rural areas, for a per-call fee. Link to NYT story.

I blogged about the "phone ladies of Bangladesh" in 2003 (link to BB post), and the story of how these women created sustainable cottage industries is fascinating — but to me, equally fascinating was the odd fate that befell the messageboard we set up for that post (back then, each BoingBoing post had open comments). It began as a perfectly on-topic discussion of the transformative power of microcredit and internet loans, but about 50 posts in, all hell broke loose.

Perhaps because the post title contained the words "ladies," "phone," and "Bangladesh," a lot of horny guys looking to hook up for phone sex with Bangladeshi babes climbed on and never let go. A taste:

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Link to QuickTopic forum: "Wireless cottage industries: 'phone ladies' of Bangladesh"