Flying Spaghetti Monster, Richard Dawkins come to South Park

Tonight's episode of South Park features the BoingBoing's patron deity, The Flying Spaghetti Monster (PBUH), and Richard Dawkins. Previous BoingBoing posts about FSM: Link, about Dawkins: Link, and he's also part of an article in this month's Wired: Link.

Wonder how long before (a) clips from this episode shows up on YouTube, and (b) Comedy Central's lawyers force YouTube to take it down.

BB pal Wayne Correia is watching it now on the East Coast feed, and says, "it's awesome."

UPDATE: Here's some video on YouTube, while it lasts: Link. (Thanks, Franklin)

bbum says,

Tonight's South Park also featured a bit of a Battlestar Galactica themed audio moment in a scene with the Dawkins derived character questioning the belief system of one of SP's recurring characters (suitably vague to avoid plot spoilers). BTW: If you haven't checked it out, Bear McCreary's weblog provides brilliant insight into the complex musical compositions that back BSG. No surprise that the soundtrack is such an integral part of the show.