The REAL Brian Atene responds

Last month, I posted a video of Brian Atene, the young arrogant kid who made an audition tape for Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket casting call in 1984. I followed up the posting with a link to a YouTube video from 2006 of a guy claiming to be Brian Atene. It turns out this was a fake. Here's the REAL Brian Atene.

Picture 6-7Well, Brian Atene himself has posted a video response to his 1984 tape, and he more or less admits that the video wasn't a joke. This isn't one of the lame fake Atene videos that popped up on YouTube in the wake of the original video—it really is Atene this time.

If you skip the first two (very weird) minutes, this new video is pretty entertaining. Atene seems off his rocker, but he's also weirdly charismatic. Among other things, he says he didn't actually send the famous tape to Kubrick; he made two tapes and ended up submitting the other one.

I actually like the first two minutes. He's funny!