Turkey-shaped Jell-O Mold 2006 Competition

BoingBoing pal Danielle Spencer says, "Well, after last year's frighteningly realistic Jell-O® turkey (previous BB post), I conducted a Turkey Mold contest for this year's Thanksgiving party at the office. And here, now, the highly unheimlich results."

Snip from a description of one of the winning fowl:

Chopped Liver Turkey

Lianne and Karis's stark and startling chopped liver turkey executes an interrogation reminiscent of Greenbergian formalism – what qualitites are intrinsic and indispensible to turkey qua turkey, to the quiddity of the bird? – they ask us. Simultaneously, the sculptural form references the geometry of minimalism and the somatic impulse of gender and identity-based work. A dazzling recapituation of late twentiety century artistic movements.