Cook cubic hard-boiled eggs with this device

This neat Catalan gadget allows you to cook square boiled eggs. The device is called Kubikou, which translates from Catalan to "cubic-egg." Wish I knew where to buy 'em outside of Catalunya.

Link. (Thanks, Carabassa)

Reader comment: Summer Smith says,

I bought an egg cuber as pictured from Sur La Table a year ago as a gift for a crazy friend. Looks like it's no longer available (at least it's not online), but here's a place from which you can have one shipped: Link.

To quote the friend: "I've found yet another way to categorize people – those who say
'Cool!' when they see a cubic hard-boiled egg, and those who say 'Uh,
why?'. I'm glad to be in the former category, as are my friends. I've also
learned that many of my co-workers are in the latter."

BTW, the MAKE magazine blog recently featured an Egg Cuber: Link.

Have an eggstraordinary day!

Heidi says,

this is just an ebay auction for the 'kubikou' egg cuber you have posted.

shari says,

square boiled egg? nah, try star/teddy bear/hello kitty boiled eggs. Technically, you can make boiled egg into any shape if you have the mold. Molded egg is quite normal in bento making world, cos it's cute! I'd think that square egg is pretty boring compared to those :D. Link

Alexander says,

Not that common in the states, but my grandma used to have one and she used to tease me unmercifully about how I never understood how only she could get cubed eggs. "I get them from square chickens, and only my favorite gransdon is worth the trouble." (my Hungarian is rusty, but I think that's what I remember her saying.)

_why says,

I'm sure someone else has mentioned the Gillygaloo, a legenday bird which laid cubical eggs — and with good reason. As Jorge Luis Borges recalled in "The Book of Imaginary Beings":

The Gillygaloo nested on the slopes of Paul Bunyan's famed Pyramid Forty, laying square eggs to keep them from rolling down the steep incline and breaking. These eggs were coveted by lumberjacks, who hard-boiled them and used them as dice.