Rudy Rucker's science fiction webzine Flurb #2 is out

The second issue of Rudy Rucker's webzine, Flurb, has stories by Anders, Laidlaw, Kadrey, Rucker, Shirley, and Stross.

So here we go with a new issue of FLURB. I was waiting till I had gotten around to writing a story that would be just about impossible to commercially market, and now I think I've done it. It's liberating to know that FLURB is there for such a demented and counter-cultural tale as "The Third Bomb."

And now I'm also able print Charlie Anders's bisexual romp, "One Door Closes," Charles Stross's curious artifact from the future, "Message in a Time Capsule," Marc Laidlaw's caustic "Open Open Letter."

I may siphon in a couple more stories later this month or early in January, after taking some time off for the holidays.

For now: beware of sea cucumbers, garage door openers, sneezing, hipster publishers, and … the space demons!