Weird 1895 Christmas card: chihuaha with a rifle

Speaking of guns -- an anonymous BB reader says, "Nothing says holiday cheer like a chihuahua with a rifle. This Christmas card, dated 1895, might be the oddest ever." Yo quiero lead. Link

Reader comment: Michael says,

Another bizare 'Pro-NRA/SantaVsTerroist-SuicideBomber/TerroistVsBabyJesus'
etc card I came across is linked here.

The chihuaha may have been the root of all this? I swear, it gets
stranger all the time.

Jim Murphy says,

The sheer strangeness of that chihuaha card motivated me to slap together an animated christmas greeting: Link.

Happy Christmas!

Rachel says,

The chihuahua/gun Christmas card reminded me of this super creepy card that my dad received at his business last year. I thought it was just the sort of thing you guys would appreciate in all its disturbing glory. Flickr link.