Links to obscure Robert Anton Wilson essays

Jeff Diehl says: "In 1999, RAW was a columnist at, and wrote a total of 7 pieces. They are not well known, but are insightful and fun nonetheless.

I have no commitment to materialism as a philosophy that explains everything, since no correlation of words can ever do that, and a philosophy is never more than a correlation of words. But restricting myself to the "materialistic"/scientific method of asking questions that have definite experiential answers, I observe no difference in operation between "cults" and "religions." Catholic nuns and priests vowing celibacy seem no more or less weird than Heaven's Gate members who also make that choice. Mormon extraterrestrial cosmology seems as goofy as Scientology, etc. Religions and cults all use the same techniques of brain damage, or "mind control," i.e. they all instill BS — Belief Systems. (From "In Doubt We Trust: Cults, religions, and BS in general")