Boston Mooninite installer arrested

Ashamed of their own foolish overreaction to finding some battery powered Lite Brites and promptly declaring a code red emergency that shut down Boston, authorities are hoping to save face by arresting Peter Berdovsky, who is charged with installing the innocuous signs.

John Youll says:

This situation is worse than just photoshopping of LED cartoon middle fingers. I hope you will keep it alive beyond just the matter of the official idiocy.

Boston's freaked out police have arrested the guy who stuck those things around town… I'm concerned they're going to come up with all kinds of charges to justify the official panic attack and predictable meltdown suffered by the police and city administration.

And the Boston Globe, always up for some excitement, is trying to "figure the guy out" FBI style, with some amateur sleuthing of a few underlined book sentences on the poor guy's web site. Now the fucking Attorney General is in on the act.

This is going to be a mess for this poor guy. Also, I thought pipe bombs were, well, made of pipes, not LEDs?

The man who sent city and State Police rushing to defuse what they believed were explosive devices around the Boston region was arrested tonight.

Attorney General Martha Coakley scheduled a 9 p.m. press conference to announce the arrrest of Peter Berdovsky, an Arlington artist.

On his personal website, he posted pictures of a small group installing the figures — little square-shaped men frowning and making an obscene gesture — on the exterior wall of a hospital, on the awning of a Cambridge bar, at an Urban Outfitters, and a bridge.

On another website, he describes himself as adroit at painting, animation, video and sound design, sculpting and installation art.


| Peter Berdovsky's web site.