A growing catalogue of innocent things which, like Lite-Brite marketing campaigns, could be mistaken for Infernal Machines and inspire grandstanding by politicians. Submitted by the people who use them.


I know most of you are thinking: "That is a small motor encased in a plastic tube, attached to a potentiometer and a pushswitch, so that some weird electric guitar player can use it to excite his guitar strings and magnetic pickups and generate an annoying electromagnetic whine." YOU ARE SO WRONG! It is actually a sophisticated robot assassin that flies and shoots lasers from it red side. It will track a genetic imprint by detecting genetic dust in the air and can find its target from 2500Km. Once near its target it will engage its Nuclearator (which is a secret super deadly technology that I can't describe here lest it fall into the wrong hands) and Whammo! Target is finished, and no more Frisbees shall fly in a very large radius.

Link (thanks natch, Wayne Correia, Nicholas Chaikin, Sean Bonner)

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