Anatomically-precise Latin love song about the heart

El Corazón, a Spanish-language spoof by the Los Angeles-based music duo Hard 'n' Phirm. Super sappy, biologically accurate musica romantica for Valentine's Day about the heart. As in, the organ, the heart. Cross a human anatomy lecture with a telenovela, and this is what you'd get. Te amo, ventriculo mio. Link. (thanks, Jesse Thorn)

Reader comment: Peter Haney says,

I am an anthropologist living in Colorado Springs. I enjoyed your
post about Hard 'n' Phirm's anatomically specific love song, and it
reminded me that this is not new. Here is a Youtube video of Juan
Luis Guerra and 4.40 (Dominican Republic) performing the hit "La Bilirrubina." The signature line is: "Me sube la bilirrubina cuando te miro y no me miras." ("My bilirubin count goes up when I look at you and you don't look at me.")