Forensic anthropology in Glenn and Helen Show podcast

I'm just catching up on podcast listening from the last couple of weeks, and really enjoying this episode of The Glenn and Helen show (the Glenn in question is Glenn Reynolds of; co-host Dr. Helen Smith is a forensic psychologist; they also happen to be married). Snip from description for this episode:

Pioneering forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass is the inventor of the University of Tennessee "body farm," made famous by Patricia Cornwell's bestselling novel of the same name. Bass is also, with Jon Jefferson, a bestselling author in his own right under the name Jefferson Bass. We talk about forensic anthropology, their new novel Flesh and Bone, what CSI gets wrong, and how to have fun in Chattanooga's gay bars. Plus, Dr. Bass's new effort to find out what happened to the Big Bopper in his plane crash with Buddy Holly and Richie Valens.


I did a series of stories about Guatemala for NPR last week that included two episodes on forensic anthropology (Links: 1, 2), so the topic is something of a personal obsession for me right now.