MC Router, "queen of nerdcore," just got this new tattoo.

This tattoo is 900 petabytes of awesome.

If you missed the story of how MC Router dissed Wired Magazine in a nerdcore revenge track some months ago, go read up here, then listen to the result: "UnWired."

Lest ye suffer under the misbelief that that the 21-year-old, Texas-based Ms. Router is a personage to be taken lightly, I present unto you a snip:

Nerdcore article got published in Wired.
That asshole Roger Thomasson should get fucking fired.
What the hell's going on with this shitty magazine?
You want this motherfucking knife in your fucking spleen?

Here's an MP3 Link for the song. Here's her MySpace: Link. And here's a recent profile in a Texas newspaper: Link.

For the record, the folks at Wired took the song with much good humor. No nerdcore revenge rap reply issued from Chris Anderson, last I checked.

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    Reader comment:

    Mr. Fingers says,

    You posted about MC Router's new tattoo today, which also happens to be the release date of the new Rhyme Torrents compilation of nerdcore tracks! Link. Router's not on it, but still, thought it was worth mentioning.

    Adam says,

    Maybe this will earn me a knife in the spleen, but I have to point out
    the futility in trying to level up when your exp gauge is only 1/3
    full. Attempting to do that will simply spill your skill points
    everywhere, and then the tears will start flowing faster than the
    blood of your enemies. And no one wants that.