Mark Cuban's Magnolia subpoenas Google over uploaded video

Snip from's Google Watch blog:

Magnolia Pictures, an independent film studio owned by entrepreneur Mark Cuban, has subpoenaed Google to reveal the identities of users who uploaded Magnolia's copyrighted videos to both Google Video and YouTube, Google Watch has learned.

The subpoena was filed Feb. 6 in Texas federal district court, and Google was commanded to respond by Feb. 20.

At least one of the videos includes a 20-minute portion of the documentary "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room." The other two videos referred to in the subpoena are no longer available. It is not clear whether the videos were removed by YouTube/Google.

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Reader comment: scott says,

I read the post on Mark Cuban's film company Magnolia getting a subpoena for google/youtube hosting of their movies and thought it odd timing that Mark Cuban just advocated not doing that on his personal website. Link.