People happily sign petition to ban water

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Here's a YouTube clip of a Penn and Teller stunt in which people were convinced to sign a petition to ban "dihydrogen monoxide," also known as water.

When I was a Wired editor back in the 1990's, another Wired editor and I sent around email to the company with an anti "dihydrogen monoxide" screed ("I even saw our chef wiping down the counter with this stuff -- it kills hundreds of people a year!")

Link (Bonus -- super old Boing Boing vestigial page about deadly "dihydrogen monoxide.") (Thanks, Coop!)

Reader comment:

Grayson says:

DHMO information site. They have links to the CDC and EPA (and more), so they're for reals.

Also, Snopes has a story about a 14 year old's 1997 high school science project using info nearly identical to yours.