Amazing human beatbox guy on French "American Idol" (video)

This "human beatbox" contestant on a French TV talent show has truly insane skills. He even manages to work in a sample of Kraftwerk's "Trans-Europe Express" "Numbers"! The clip begins at level "awesome," and steadily proceeds into "utterly unreal." Video Link (thanks Ravi, and Brett Burton).

Reader comments: Christopher says,

Ahh cumon you can't show that French beatboxing guy and not mention Shlomo. Here's a vid of him doing the same stuff properly: Link. If the French guy's "utterly unreal", Shlomo's in to another galaxy of cool.

krup says,

Here is more Shlomo. and check out his roni size duet here.

senator lewis says,

Presenting… the world's greatest human beatbox slash flautist. Link.

DaveX says,

There's no way I'll let you forget Dokaka– he records "all-vocal" versions of many songs. His "Slayer Medley" is great! Here's his media page: Link.

Kyle Vail of Esthete Radio says,

do not exclude Tez. This guy is levels above the first guy, and probably better than shlomo too. he does "wild thing" and Prince without missing a beat!!