Alex Toth's beautiful character designs

Stephen Worth of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog says:

Alex Toth passed away last year after a 60 year
career in comics. He worked on the golden age
DC comics, "The Flash", "Green Lantern" and
"The Atom", as well as a highly regarded
comics adaptation of "Zorro." But he is perhaps
best known for the late '60s superhero cartoons
for Hanna-Barbera that he designed- "Space
Ghost", "The Herculoids" and "Super Friends".

Toth was an imaginative draftsman, and his
character designs reflected his consummate
skills. But the designs were a challenge
to animate convincingly, and unfortunately,
Hanna-Barbera in the late '60s was the nadir
of quality, cranking out cheap, factory-made
programming on a tight schedule. Toth's
ambitious designs were left in the dust. To
add insult to injury, today, Toth's characters
are taken out of context and subjected to
ridicule as "kitsch" in current TV programs.

Toth doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.
Check out our image gallery of Toth model
sheets, and try to imagine what cartoons
might have looked like had Toth worked in
the golden age of animation, instead of
its dark ages.