Kidnapped "Nun Bun" Resurfaces in Seattle

BoingBoing reader Jim McAnally says,

Here's an article about the "world-famous" Nun Bun which was stolen/kidnapped about two years ago. The Nun Bun is a cinnamon roll that has a strong resemblence to Mother Teresa. The REAL Mother Teresa sued the local coffee shop to C&D selling Nun Bun memorabilia.

A question: You know, this isn't necessarily Nun Bun Number One, after two years on the Run. How could pastry authentication be Done? That thing's worth a Ton.

UPDATE: Jackson S. O'Brien says:

I'm the manager of the Coffee shop in Nashville that the Nun Bun comes from. I started frequenting the shop after the miracle baking, eventually got hired there and now I run the place (my immediate superior is the guy who discovered the bun).

I wanted to thank you for covering this story, I read Boingboing more frequently than I read the Tennessean, and this is the first photo that's surfaced of the bun that isn't taken from the same angle as the photo that's on our website (and thus isn't an obvious photoshop forgery). There are those among our regulars and staff that seem to think that the thief destroyed it or possibly (god forbid) ate it. It'll be good to tell people that it probably still exists.

Also, you mentioned the C&D letter, and this is something that I feel the need to explain (lest we look like heartless bastards for selling merch against Mother Theresa's express wishes). Mother Theresa had a flat out policy against anyone selling merchandise with her name on it, in as much, she specifically asked us not to sell merch with the name "Mother Theresa Miracle Nun Bun", in as much, we changed it to "Nun Bun", which she was fine with.

We like to think that she actually was tickled by the bun itself, as when she was passing on her duties to her successor in Calcutta, her successor expressed worry that she wouldn't be as universally beloved as Mother Theresa, to which she responded "Don't worry about it, just have them bake something that looks like you, they'll love you"

Thanks again for the link.

Laura says,

I grew up in Limburg, a catholic part of the Netherlands, where they have a speciality called 'nonnenvotten', meaning 'nuns bums' as in asses or behinds. They're made of mostly flour, butter and sirup, and they make for sticky fingers.