More nightmarish Russian playground art

200703191238 What is is with these Russians and their insistence on decorating children's playgrounds with statuary that would give Bosch bad dreams? The maniacal expression on this pantless swine's face betrays its intention to mercilessly violate any child whose parents avert their custodial attention for an instant. Link

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Children's playgrounds in Russia

Reader comment:

Gtron says: "you make snide comment about Russian playground pig, but he is just like your pantless pig…. Amerika is 'better'?"

Matt says: "In regards to Gtron's comment, at least our pantless pig doesn't look like he's just been caught 'playing with his pig-in-a-blanket' on a children's playground and is about to do horrible things to the person(s) who caught him in the act. In contrast, I know that I, personally, have never felt sexually threatened by Porky. Maybe I'm alone on that one."