Call you later, hosen

German lederhosen with built-in cellphone: Link. "Perfect for when you're schunkeling at Oktoberfest and just HAVE to make that hands-free call to your bratwurst dealer," says BB reader Ryan Schultz. (Image:

Reader comments: Chris says,

The blurb says that the cell phone lederhosen are actually "sporting a built-in interface for an MP3 player" which makes sense in the context of the picture, since two of the buttons are volume up and down and two others are track forward and back.

Oliver T in Cologne says,

It is definitely a MP3 player.
Trousers available in one store in Munich (Link).

Basicly it's not a 'real' mass market product. Bavaria is considered a bit
'rural' and 'backward' compared to more industrial federal states in Germany.

So a few years ago they started a campaign called "Laptop und Lederhosen" did a
lot of funding for bio tech, IT and similar. Would be like if Texas started
"CyberCowboys" and produced chaps with PDA pouch and GPS "So you can track your

Tech inside the trouser comes from: Link. (No english website)

specialized in clothig with 'addon' like heating, GPS, MP3, mobiles etc…